K-42 Part 10: Timeout

Ok, no posts for a long time.

I've been doing some play testing and things have screwed up big time.
  • The controls work fine.
  • The Python server works ok most of the time.
  • The displays that has been implemented so far works fine.
  • The game lags like hell.
The problem is that it lags a bit even when I disconnect everything and just run the kRPC server. The problem is either in the KSP installation, the save, the kRPC installation or my computer hardware specs. I've checked with others on the forum and they don't seem to have the problem, at least not on a clean install.

I have worked on this a lot in my available spare time and was looking forward to continue my quest for the outer planets using my new control panel, but noooo...

So instead of pushing myself to the brink of rage quit, I'll take a timeout. It may take a couple of months to regain enthusiasm and inspiration but I'll be back.

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