K-42 Part 8: Easing the load

Having to serve multiple clients through RPC puts some strain on Unity. As KSP is still using the single threaded version this is something we don't want. It will just increase the load on a single CPU core while we have others just idling around.

While this works pretty well when using one or two net clients that only need a limited amount of information, it has the potential of cause much more lag when adding more net clients.

I have decided to move all communication with multiple K-42 clients away from kRPC into the communication daemon that i currently just use for serial communication. It also has the additional advantage of being able to build a communication protocol between clients if needed.

So right now I'm in the process of learning how to do network communication in Python and in order to do that in real time, I also have to figure out how to use threading in a reliable way, and to do that I really need to learn how to do object oriented programming.

Ok, I'm not all out in the blue here. I've done some concurrent programming in both Modula2 and Java and as I've worked with Java I got a grip on object oriented programming. BUT! That was twenty years ago.

And no, it's not like riding a bike.

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