The why and what of this blog

Why did I create this blog?
It's was quite simple. Kerbal Space program, where I had some stuff, was shutting down the blogs in their forum. Ergo, make a migration.

What will I publish here?
Anything that comes to my mind. It may be about something I made or just personal thought about creatin, learning, living and being human. I don't make any pretentions that what I write would be in any way original and new. There are far too many brains in the world that are both more intellectual and more intelligent than mine. But even though I repeat much of what others may have said clearer and better, even if I don't influence the world in a profound way, the thoughts I have and the questions I ask are mine. They are what becomes of me resonating to ever changing world. They are the little things that can be found in my personal hint of brain.

What about politics?
There's plenty of other blogs and forums for that. Go away!

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